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Правила порталу DoubleGames

This Rules is the agreement between End-user (hereinafter referred as 'user' or 'you') and DoubleGames portal (hereinafter referred as 'DoubleGames' or 'portal'), which consists of following websites: https://www.doublegames.com, https://www.doublegames.de, https://www.doublegames.ru, https://www.doublegames.net, https://www.doublegames.org, https://ja.doublegames.com, https://www.doublegames.pl, https://www.doublegames.cn, https://www.doublegames.biz, https://www.doublegames.us, https://www.doublegames.info, https://no.doublegames.com, https://www.doublegames.mobi, https://www.doublegames.asia, https://gr.doublegames.com, https://www.doublegames.bz, https://bg.doublegames.com, https://www.doublegames.tv, https://www.doublegames.cc, https://www.doublegames.su, https://se.doublegames.com, https://www.doublegames.name, https://lv.doublegames.com, https://lt.doublegames.com, https://ua.doublegames.com, https://ee.doublegames.com, https://da.doublegames.com, https://he.doublegames.com, https://id.doublegames.com, https://hr.doublegames.com, https://mn.doublegames.com, https://sl.doublegames.com, https://th.doublegames.com and any their subdomains if applicable.

1. General Provisions.
1.1. The portal is post-moderated portal, it means that messages are moderated after they have been published, to the discretion of moderators.
1.2. All messages express opinions of their authors, so the DoubleGames is not responsible for content of these messages.
1.3. Rule violation leads to warning and user blocking.
2. Rights and obligations of the parties.
2.1. The administration has the right to edit portal content without any preliminary notice.
2.2. The ignorance of the rules does not release users from responsibility. By registration user automatically agrees with these rules and engage himself to follow them.
2.3. All portal users have to track all rules changes on their own.
2.4. The DoubleGames is not responsible for any harm resulting of using DoubleGames services.
2.5. The DoubleGames is not responsible for temporary or continual impossibility to visit this portal for one user or group of them.
2.6. The administration has the right to stop providing portal’s services for one user or group of them.
2.7. The administration is not obliged to return any portal accounts, messages or other information lost by users.
2.8. In case of unstable work of the portal the administration make an attempt to restore portal functionality in the shortest possible time.
2.9. The accounts and all their content belong to the portal.
3. Cooperation with the portal administration.
3.1. Appealing to the administration without an urgent necessity is prohibited. Any appeal must have clear problem statement or question regarding portal work.
3.2. Disrespectful behavior, threats and arguments with the administration are prohibited.
3.5. Gossip broadcasting about the portal and its administration is prohibited.
4. Personal accounts
4.1.Unauthorized access to someone else’s account is prohibited.
4.2. It is prohibited to create more than one account for one natural person.
4.3. Names, containing wed addresses, offensive for other users words, curse words, more than 70% of CAPITAL letters are prohibited. Long names are also prohibited.
5. Message posting
5.1. It is strictly prohibited to use unquotable expressions and insult users.
5.2. It is prohibited to send messages which violate the laws of the United States of America, Russian Federation, or the laws of your resident country, messages which are manifestation of racism, nationalism, policy and drug abuse.
5.3. It is prohibited to post messages containing links.
6. Site’s virtual currency and its usage.
6.1. The site’s virtual currency is Clovers.
6.2. Virtual Clovers cannot be exchanged to real money or goods in any manner.
6.3. Clovers are only available for registered users of DoubleGames.
6.4. User can use only Clovers that he has on his account.
6.5. The usage of Clovers by user is at his discretion but is limited by these Rules.
6.6. User can earn Clovers as follows:
6.6.1. Direct registration (i.e. without someone's friend-link) on DoubleGames gives 50 (fifty) Clovers.
6.6.2. Registrations of other users on DoubleGames portal via friend-link of other user gives 15 (fifteen) Clovers to owner of this friend-link.
6.6.3. Registration on DoubleGames via friend-link gives 60 (sixty) Clovers.
6.6.4. Placement of user’s friend-link on any external website gives 15 (fifteen) Clovers for each registration to poster of this friend-link, if this placement meet requirements of section 7.
6.7. User can spend Clovers in any way that was provided by the DoubleGames.
6.8. The DoubleGames can change the conditions of Clovers usage at its discretion in any time without users’ assent including denomination or annulment.
7. Friend-links
7.1. Friend-link is a unique link provided by DoubleGames to each registered user.
7.2. User is allowed to transmit his friend-link to any third party and use it at his discretion if such usage is not at violate with these Rules and other agreements between user and DoubleGames.
7.3. User is prohibited to use his friend link for any illegal purpose.
7.4. The placement of user’s friend-link on any external website will be calculated by DoubleGames during 24 hours after receiving user's request.
7.5 The placement of user’s friend-link on any exterior site will be rejected by the DoubleGames in follows cases:
7.5.1. Friend-link is not linked to any DoubleGames portal page.
7.5.2. Friend-link is placed on the same website by the same user for the second time.
7.5.3. The DoubleGames can not find out the friend-link on the page indicated by user.
8. Additional rules.
8.1. These rules may be changed by DoubleGames without prior notice.
8.2. In the case of user’s actions which are clearly detrimental to the portal, but does not explicitly stipulated in the rules, DoubleGames has the right to make the punishment according to the user’s did (even delete the account), with possible further changes to the rules.
8.3. DoubleGames has the right to block any account in case of repeating violations of the rules.
8.4. DoubleGames keeps the right to act on the portal without any explanation.
8.5. Agreeing with the conditions and portal use regulations, you are obliged strictly to follow them.